Finally! Obama Releases Birth Certificate

It shows a real contempt for the public to have waited three years to do this when he could have done it much sooner and saved a lot of speculation. It also makes him look suspicious. He still hasn’t released all his other records, which other candidates do on a regular basis. We don’t know what his college records look like, his medical records, etc. All of this should have been available before he was elected. Now that he is running for reelection it’s time he releases this info. Trump is jumping on that now. And by doing what Trump says, Obama looks weak.

Obama called Trump a carnival barker today, yet he jumped to his tune. Trump knows how to play the media even better than Obama. This will be an interesting fight.

UPDATE: Or is it a photoshop job? An expert says it is.

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  1. No big secret I’m no fan of Obama or Bill Clinton.
    (Not a huge fan of the other presidents since Reagan, either…)

    They both pulled these shenanigans and it just makes them look like bigger liars than most ADULTS already know they were.

    (I know the difference between an adult and a child. A child will tell you Bill Clinton was best president of his life without knowing what a leader really is… Even the Bushes, as mediocre moderates they were, knew how to lead at critical times. Not convinced there’s been a decent Democrat in the White House since Truman, though… A leader doesn’t take a straw poll or consult with the security council of dictators before he takes action.)

    It’s too bad that there is an entire generation or more of people who believe they are so entitled that they aren’t required to release basic information the REST OF US have to for employment or going to school!

    That sense of entitlement — which is not limited to Obama but very prevalent amongst Black separatists, the affirmative action crowd, Progressives, and many, many other spoiled children — is one of the big things that SHOULD get this Man-Child defeated in the next election.

    It would be lovely if they could take away the automatic pension he’s going to get after hopefully being defeated in 2012, too, since he’s been such a miserable Leader-of-Nothing…

    Regardless of whether the certificate is geniune or not — and I have my doubts because it should not take 3 years to find and release such a basic document –, the fact that Obama continues to lie and deflect attention from very basic issues like this reinforces something I have always believed in.

    Character COUNTS.

    Don’t be surprised that when you elect a shmuck who has lied and cheated all his life that said-shmuck will F’over the entire country.

    Too bad that the media only holds one side of the equation to this standard.

    The people who are doing the worst damage to our country are the people the media regularly hold up as outstanding paragons of virtue when they have none!

    • I don’t care where he was born. Never have. I care that he doesn’t reveal important information about himself as a matter of transparency, which other politicians have no problem doing when they run for higher office.

      People don’t trust him anymore and with good reason. He’s ruining the country, he’s selling us out and he’s not even willing to reveal basic stuff about his past, which looks mighty suspicious. That is why it interests me.

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