Follow the Money

The American financial system is suffering because of statists interference in the markets. The Housing Bubble was a creation of the government telling banks they MUST lend to risky creditors or else. And that the government would back up those loans. We saw what happened with that brilliant act.

So a lot of people on the left tried to blame the market problems on the “failure of capitalism”. Sorry, it was the interference of government in the free markets. That always leads to trouble. And now we have some people bailing on our economy and rushing to get in bed with other markets. Such as Mayor Bloomberg of NY City. He decided to get heavily in bed with Middle Eastern markets. And, whoa, look at that. Now he’s the biggest fan of Islam. Why, he’s been the Park 51 Victory Mosque’s biggest defender.

Whenever a politician champions something unpopular, follow the money. Al Gore, in bed with the Green Business, so why wouldn’t he be selling Global Warming? Ditto Obama, who was on the board the very first carbon credits company. A company Gore has ties to.

We’re always hearing about how crooked capitalists are. Well here’s some crooked capitalists in action.

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