Food Fascism on the March

The First Lady’s push to fight “childhood obesity” by robbing kids of things they like to eat is starting to have some nasty effects. One little girl in Texas was suspended from school for a week because a friend passed her a Jolly Rancher piece at lunch time. Yes, no joke.

The schools are being threatened by losing federal funding if kids are caught eating any junk food on school property. Apparently, that means they are telling parents what kind of food they’re allowed to give their kids in their school lunch box. Sounds like fascism to me.

So what are the “solutions” the first harridan’s task force is proposing? Why more taxes! Duh!! Don’t you know taxes solve everything, they even reduce acne?!

The task force also sees a potential pocketbook approach to keep people from buying unhealthy foods. It calls for analyzing the effect of imposing state and local sales taxes on less healthy products.

The report found one out of every three children is overweight or obese, conditions that increase their risk of developing diabetes, heart disease and cancer in their lifetimes. The cost of treating obesity-related ailments is estimated to be $150 billion per year.

First, the bogus statistic that one in three children are “overweight”. They are using the discredited BMI technique. Michelle Obama even went so far as to use her two daughters as props for her anti-obesity crusade. If that wasn’t ham handed enough, their proposed polices are only going to make the nanny state even more pervasive and out of control.

Notice they bring in all the scare stuff about the health risks of obesity. But the fact is a lot of that can be mitigated by actual exercise like doing more walking everyday. Notice however, they tie the health risks to costs to the government. That is all this is about. The government was in a rush to push state health care on us against our will, but at the same time, they hate paying for our health care, so they are going to be pushing us harder and harder to change our “behavior” to fit their ideal. If you think the government intrudes too much in your life right now, just you wait.

Even more reason to eject these bastards from office toot sweet.

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  1. Those were in “Chitty Chitty Bang Bang.” from around the same era.

    I was doing a play on words there as the actual phrase is French: Tout de suite which means, Right away

  2. Okay…let’s see. Tax soda and other “unhealthy” products like alcohol and tobacco are, to help people be healthier. If it reduces sales of such products, then it brings in LESS tax revenue…so the taxes will have to go up, to increase revenue. If it doesn’t, then the health care costs will go up…so they will have to raise the taxes to bring in more revenue.

    And it’s STILL a tax increase on the poor, because they DO drink sodas and alcohol and smoke. I thought the Obama administration wasn’t going to raise taxes AT ALL for the poor and middle-class.

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