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  1. I can well understand why the politically correct arbiters of fashion have, for 30 years, sternly rejected such feminine pulchritude. One look at Ms Hendricks and the post modern proposition that sex is a social construct becomes absurd on it’s face.

  2. The only men that like walking flagpoles are gay men.


    I said it!

    K — my comment pretty much sums up WHY fashion is the way it is today. The most anti-female men are the designers!

    NOW, because I like red-haired women AND curvy women AND I followed the link to Ms. Hendrick’s photos,

    I gotta take a long, cold shower! LOL

  3. What a babe. She looks like a real woman, and red hair is the greatest thing on Earth.

    (Although a friend of mine swore that bright colors like red are nature’s way of warning us of danger. Then again, his red-haired girlfriend tried to stab him to death with a pair of scissors, so he might be biased.)

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