Frank Admits to Single Payer Scam

The Democrats are telling people they are not pushing a single payer (aka Socialized Medicine) bill, but they’re strategy is to create a systenm that will inevitably lead to that. Private insurance companies cannot compete with the government. Notice how Pelosi and the Dems are now demonizing private insurance carriers. They want to run private insurance carriers out of business and force people into government care, which will be rationed. This health care bill must be stopped.

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  1. How about we let these turds drive the insurance companies out of the Comprehensive insurance business, since that’s the primary reason for the constantly skyrocketing cost of care in the first place?

    Then, we replace Congress with Representatives and Senators who haven’t been lobotomized and legislate that only catastrophic plans are allowed (i.e., no more Ponzi schemes). Let the cost of health care be driven back into line with other commodities by market forces. “Problem” solved. No nanny state required.

    Painful? Sure. Better than the alternative? Do you even have to ask?

  2. The government started driving up cosst when they created medicare and medicade. Doctors started charging bogus claims and it escalated out of control. The best way to lower health care costs for the government is for them to get out of the business.

    You’re right, the insurance system is a joke too. What hey want to replace it with is even worse.

  3. Catastrophic health insurance (large deductible except for emergency care) is the only way to go. That way consumers have some skin in the game when they get minor care. Why people expect health care to be covered from dollar one is incomprehensible to me. When you buy a car you don’t expect the purchase price to include everything from gas to new tires. If you did, can you imagine the cost of a new car?
    When I need a blood test or an MRI or something, I shop around. The price difference can be staggering (hospital blood test: $280. Quest Diagnostics blood test: $59). But the average consumer never thinks about it because “insurance will cover it.” Hence skyrocketing costs.
    I note with bitter amusement that one of the ways the government plans to “slash health care costs” is by limiting malpractice suits and capping awards at $250,000. This has been proposed over and over again for decades but the liberals always blew a gasket at the idea. Now suddenly they think it’s an awesome and perfectly reasonable move.
    It’s not about health care. Just like AGW, it’s about power and control.

  4. For a more in-depth discussion, go here:

    Ultimately, like so many other social problems, this one is all about entitlement from top to bottom.

    Patients feel entitled to enormous settlements when their doctor or medical facility screws up.

    Doctors and medical facilities feel entitled to liability ‘protection’ from their mistakes or perceived mistakes.

    Insurance companies feel entitled to enormous profits on the malpractice insurance they sell.

    Doctors of virtually every stripe feel entitled to a six- or seven-figure salary because of the sacrifices, financial burden and hardship they endured as a result of going to medical school.

    Nurses, nurse practitioners, P.A.s and other non-M.D. professionals have begun to feel entitled to salary increases as well, seeing as they’re usually the ones doing most of the actual work involved in health care.

    Medical schools feel entitled to levy enormous tuitions and fees for medical education.

    Pharmaceutical companies feel entitled to gargantuan profit margins because of the expense involved in getting a drug to market.

    Insurance companies feel entitled to gargantuan profits because they have a virtual proxy monopoly on all health care.

    Insurance company executives feel entitled to obscene salaries simply because they’re able to produce such enormous profits as a result of that proxy monopoly.

    Meanwhile, the general public has been trained to feel they’re entitled to health care. And if they have a job, they’ve been trained to believe they’re entitled to health care insurance as part of their employment compensation. (Note: MA has actually made this entitlement legally manifest via statutory requirements for employers to provide health insurance!)

    Generally, the public believes they’re entitled to be seen in an ER even if their medical issue is a relatively minor, non-emergency one.

    EMTALA has encouraged the public to believe they’re entitled to health care even if they can’t or don’t want to pay for it.

    Most recently, the moral adolescents of the Left have busied themselves convincing the public – especially victim minorities and illegal aliens – that they have a “right” to health care – essentially, that they’re entitled to someone else’s property and services irrespective of the cost or time involved.

    Nowhere in any of this chain of entitlement does the cold, hard reality of market economics come into play any longer, because liability and comprehensive medical insurance “covers” all of the factors that increase cost. There’s no feedback to bring the costs back down.

    THESE are the reasons health care costs have skyrocketed ever since comprehensive insurance was ‘invented’. Medicare and Medicaid had a small part in this, but it is lost in the noise when one looks at the tens of billions flushed annually through the comprehensive medical insurance companies in the form of premiums and payments to overpaid doctors, lawyers, pharmaceutical companies and insurance company CEOs. Not to mention the staggering, wasteful costs of conforming to the useless HIPAA regulations, which – in actual practice – do absolutely nothing to improve health care and nothing to improve the security of a patient’s medical records.

    The government’s solution: ‘fix’ the problem by implementing a shitty version of what created the problem in the first place – government-run comprehensive medical insurance.

    Of course, once they achieve this feat, the government can then claim the authority to implement salary and price controls if they’re paying for the goods and services. They can also claim authority over any aspect of your life that might affect the cost of providing health care. You’ll either conform to their dictates regarding what you can eat, how much you can weigh, how high your blood pressure or cholesterol can be, what drugs you must voluntarily take, etc., etc. … or you’ll simply be triaged, and you’ll go without health care altogether. This isn’t speculation. There are committees and working groups already working out the eugenics-style guidelines for this process right now.

    There is some entertainment value in all this, however. Go to and check out the percentage of medical professionals and related industries, as well as the aging Baby Boomers who overwhelmingly supported the Democrats. They have been well and truly punk’d.

    Unfortunately, thanks to their naivete, so have the rest of us. We are indeed through the looking glass.

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