Frank Sinatra vs Harlan Ellison

Esquire magazine published an article in 1966 called “Frank Sinatra has a Cold” by Gay Talese. It’s rated one of the best magazine pieces of all time because it’s credited with starting what came to be called New Journalism.

I hadn’t read it before so I was reading along, being a Frank Sinatra fan, and I came across a curious passage where Frank Sinatra tried to pick a fight with Harlan Ellison. I had to ass this along to anyone who hadn’t read it. Pretty entertaining.

If you have $22 million to spare Frank’s house in Bel Air is for sale. Check out the pics here.

[Via Ace of Spades]
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  1. I am also A Sinatra fan…Ellison admits there was more to the Sinatra incident than was recounted in Talese’s article, but he will NOT talk about it…….He does say he finds it difficult to listen to Sinatra records since the incident and told the full story to both Kitty Kelley and Talese, both of whom, wil not divulge what was said…..would leave me to believe the incident was more humiliating than we were led to believe…

    • Interesting. It may also be that Harlan was acting like an ass, which he does on occasion and that’s what drew Sinatra’s attention.

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