Future Healthcare?

Before Obama care passes, and let’s hope it doesn’t, it’s important to look at countries like England that have socialized medicine. Here is yet another example of why it does not work. This is not an aberration. Stuff like this happens all the time in countries with a system like this. I have a friend who broke her leg in Japan and had it set by a Japanese doctor in one of their state hospitals. She had to get her leg rebroken and reset again when she got back to the US.

People who live in denial will swear these kinds of stories are exceptions. They aren’t, They are all too common. When you have socialized medicine, the doctors are poorly paid and trained. They don’t give a damn and they are overworked.

It’s like the old story, given a choice, would you want private school or public school for your kids? Private facilities or public facilities? When everyone gets the same deal, the deal sucks.

Bureaucrats who promise the people they will take care of them are always wrong. And they know it. Governments are all about increasing their power at the expense of the people’s freedom and rights. It’s the same story in every nation and we’re getting as bad as some of the worst. Our politicians now are some of the most blatantly corrupt I have ever seen. They do not seem to care what the people think anymore.

It’s up to us to make them care.

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  1. Here’s yet another one. My wife has a good friend in Japan whose father is suffering from multiple systemic problems, including a type of pernicious anemia. Last month he was kicked out of the hospital because he’d used up his allotted hospital days for the year. If he lives until next January, they’ll let him back in to resume treatment. And people complain about HMOs or insurance companies! At least if they pulled something like that you’d have legal options. In Japan the government is the medical system so what they say is the end of the story.
    He’s been relatively stable since he got back home but the family is discussing if they should get him admitted back in as a private patient. They’d have to pay the entire cost for that, but at least it’s an option. For many years in Canada it was actually illegal to buy health care outside the government system. How’s that for enforced equality?

  2. He’s probably better off not being in the hospital. Especially state run hospitals.; Its’ scary the statistics of the “mistakes” that get made there.

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