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  1. Did u watch the anime written by Warren Ellis? It was actually pretty decent, and is way better than what the live action is going to be.

  2. Hud,

    They showed the Ellis-penned GI Joe special late night on Cartoon Network.

    It’s probably on YouTube now.

    As for me, I don’t care to see either Transformers or GI Joe on the big-screen now.

    What?!? People thought films based on toylines were going to be good? => Especially with the majority of hacks writing and directing films nowadays?!?!??!?

    Star Trek may be passable but I’m not holding my breath on that one. Up and maybe 2-3 others including Miyazaki’s latest (Ponyo On the Cliff — due in August in the US) look good. It’s another dreary movie season full of movies I just don’t care about…

    Not much better where comics are concerned, either. The best stuff tends to be in reprints I’m afraid. With the cost of new individual issues going up to $4 and the same clueless guys editing this crap, it’s very, very easy just to borrow trades from the library and get collected versions of storylines when they get released 6-8 months later.

    The EICs and their lackeys at the Big Two are helping to kill the market. They can blame downloaders all they want but the fact remains that a low of people DON’T feel like they’re getting their entertainment dollars’ worth in the old 32-page format periodical and are looking at different options for enjoyment or to save some cash now…

    Ironic that the “Great One” is the favorite subject matter of periodical covers just when the magazine market is continuing its great plunge!

    Newsweek itself also hit a new low with the ridiculous cover article about Star Trek and comparing the Bush administration to the Empire. This the kind of tripe you expect to be written in a political science class taught by an aged hippie, not a “respectable” newsmagazine which Newsweek hasn’t been in years.

  3. I’ll go see Star Trek, Harry Potter, The Terminator. Up, Public Enemies and maybe, if I am in the mood, Transformers and The Taking of Pelham 123 which is a remake of a great crime film that came out when I was in high school.

    Miyazaki’s won’t come out in the US this year, unfortunately. But I will definitely see it when it does.

  4. George, I like seeing my 80s toyline heroes come to life. Marvel’s G.I.JOE comics had some of the best storylines in its’ time, and so did Marvel’s Transformers. I dunno, maybe one had to grow up on 80s cartoons or be an action figure collector like myself to appreciate these things? I mean, there’s a reason why TF and G.I.JOE has a huge fan base.

    Oh, and the Ellis penned Joe is up on youtube and I think is probably still up on cartoon network’s adult swim website.

  5. Hud,

    Ponyo on the Cliff IS scheduled for the US on August 14th this year… That’s Miyazaki’s latest film.

    It will also probably be released on DVD by December at the latest in the US. The Japanese R2 DVD is on track for release by July.

    Chances are that it will show on Blu ray by March next year in the US since the Japanese Blu ray releases in December. Blu ray releases are still being staggered by at least a month apart to give the Japanese time to sell their wares at higher prices before the cheaper US stock gets released. In this case, it’s worth it to wait for the US release IF you care about the extras… the extras won’t be subtitled on the Japanese releases!

  6. I notice the trailer doesn’t mention Van Helsing. Good call. Making Kate Beckinsale in a corset boring, not what you want on your resume.

    And the classic scene where a horse-drawn carriage loaded with wooden stakes for vampire killing goes off a cliff. And when it hits at the bottom, it explodes.

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