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  1. I can’t believe I actually watched the whole thing.

    I liked the discussion of 1920 economy and the government response, as well as his attack on Woodrow Wilson (which seemed to be a common theme during this conference). His insistence to learn from our history is also a very useful message. The rest, however…

    He is not much more than an overacting drama queen pulling on the usual heartstrings. Yes Glenn, we know things are bad. We we know both parties are fucked. Yes, we value the Constitution. He is just tapping into a populist anger telling us how it is, without suggesting any meaningful solutions. We need real ideas, not vague references to reducing government spending which only act to neuter the minds of people. It probably confuses conservatives more than anything to listen to this guy.

    Ideas change the minds of people, not performers like Glenn Beck.

  2. Yeah, that’s one thing about Beck that I don’t like. He is too maudlin for my tastes. But he does pass on some really good information that people need to know.

    The way he acts at the end of this speech is not very convincing. It seems like high school drama.

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