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  1. These days I never bother to argue details with the AGW acolytes. I simply point out that:
    A. Their core hypothesis is that very small changes in atmospheric CO2 will cause massive climate events, such as the melting of the icecaps and the cessation of the Gulf Stream. (The oft-repeated claim that CO2 has “doubled” in the last century due to man is statistical fraud–although it remains poorly demonstrated, only the fraction of CO2 attributable to man has doubled. However, this is but a tiny fraction of total atmospheric CO2. The difference is rather important.)
    B. Total atmospheric CO2 levels have been up to six times higher in relatively recent history (as much as 20 times higher if you go back farther), and none of their predicted doomsday claims occurred during those periods.
    C. Thus their root hypothesis is proven wrong and the rest of their babbling can be completely ignored.

    AGW hasn’t been about science since the late 90s. It is about money and power.

  2. It was never about science. It’s a contemporary equivalent of a doomsday preacher rant. And just like those, the aim is to get people to pour money into the “church”.

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