Going Back to Cali

I’m winding down my stay in Texas and going back to California at the end of the month. I’m leaving Temple on Sunday for Austin. Going to see my friends there and take care of any left over business then on July 1st I will be flying back to San Diego. Giving me a week to get ready for Comic Con.

I have a booth, 2306, which is right behind Mark Wheatly and next to DC Comics. If you are coming to the con be sure to swing by and say hi. I have a banner you can look for. Here it is.


I’m looking forward to being home and seeing my family and friends. For the last six months I’ve been away from everyone I know in a strange place. And to make things worse, I didn’t have the means to get around except cab so I didn’t get to do much except sit in my motel room.

Frankly, I am ready to get back to work. I have books to finish and projects to launch. It will be a lot easier when I have a proper environment and all my computers handy.

Hopefully, the healing will really kick in once I am back home where I will be more comfortable.

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  1. Safe travels James, it was nice to have met you and I look forward to you again visiting the Dallas cons under much better circumstances!

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