Good Bye and Good Riddance, Congress 2010

Mark Twain said it best: ‘No man’s life, liberty, or property is safe, while Congress is in session.’

The 111th Congress is closing out the week with the last few things they could ram through. But even worse than the START treaty are two things Obama pulled off without congress, against the will of the courts. And this may give us a taste of what’s to come starting next year.

Obama’s FCC decided they could regulate the internet yesterday and this is something the statists have wanted for awhile. Today, Obama’s EPA decided to do their own end run around congress imposing their version of Cap and Trade with new regulations on carbon emissions which will undoubtedly raise energy prices and kill jobs. During one of the worst winters on record they want to “fight global warming” with their utterly stupid and unscientific limits on carbon emissions.

Obama said he is focusing on the economy now. Apparently, he wants to kill it.

Next month a wholly different congress will come in and hopefully reverse a lot of the damage Obama has wrought. There will also be plenty of investigations into these many illegal attempts to seize more control of the economy. People on the left and the right are very concerned about the things this administration is doing. They should be because its all to the benefit of special interests whose motives are nothing less than corrupt. Many of the bills passed in this congress benefited big players who were in business with the administration and penalized and punished those who were not.

The Pelosi congress is shutting down this week and they are all going off to vacation or retirement as many of them were voted out. It’s too bad Pelosi will becoming back. But we can hope she will be there to see all her horrible work get undone before her eyes.

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