Gore's Conflicts of Interest

10 Questions Gore should have been asked today when he testified to congress. The fact is, Gore has a huge conflict of interest in preaching global warming. He wants to get rich off it and already has made millions. Any increase in “climate change” regulations will only benefit people like Gore which is why they are such big proponents of green technology.

It’s frankly a classic example of government fraud that they wouldn’t let Lord Monckton speak. But then, it shows you what a scam the whole business is.

UPDATE: Check out the Global Warming Skeptics Handbook

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  1. Gore has already made well over $100 million off of his AGW “evangelizing” already. He has ties to companies that benefit from federal research and allocation of resources to “alternative” energy research.

    He’s made his big buck already.

    He looks to make even more off taxpayers because of his connections. He is enriching himself at everybody else’s expense and dime and that’s why I dislike the man so much. He has no integrity and that’s saying something even for an ex-Clinton official. Bill Clinton has more integrity in his little pinky than this guy has in his entire body!

    Other retired government officials are crooked, too, but this guy makes all the Obama appointees including ex-Senator Daschle look like angels by comparison.

    These are facts that should be repeated to death if people haven’t figured out what a scam artist this guy is.

    It’s an even more impressive fact than the reality the man is a hypocrite and doesn’t practice what he preaches. People in his home state of Tennessee hate his condescending arrogance and know all about his crooked business dealings in-state and the fact that his mansion WASTES more power in one month than most homes use in a year!

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