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  1. McKellan is eccentric and kind of crazy in real life but I’m sorry that I have to disagree with you… He WAS Gandalf.

    I don’t think anyone could have done a better job than him. I just don’t see Connery as Gandalf.

    I could hear Connery as King Arthur or a real nasty Scottish fellow in a future film.,, voice acting, that is. I never did see the film he did with Richard Gere (First Knight). I just can’t get past Gere who’s not one of my favorite actors and frankly I think Connery was too old to physically play Arthur by then. Voice-acting would be a different matter.

    He might actually be better as Merlin now that I think about it… A cantankerous Merlin that’s partly what we’ve read in novels, partly the Merlin from Disney’s Sword in the Stone, and a bit of the Merlin played by Nicole William in Excalibur. Merlin’s a bit like Dr. McCoy from Star Trek. Kind of skeptical about things and somewhat pessimistic about humanity and its ability to control its passions and technology. At the same time, he’s a mentor and sounding board to friends.

    (One crucial difference is that McCoy thinks Spock and Kirk are both crazy at times. Merlin knows that it’s fated for Arthur to do heroic and sometimes crazy things… He goes with the flow since he’s primarily a mentor figure. He can’t stop Arthur from what he has to do.)

    Yeah, that might work with Connery…

  2. I’ll never forget the way he uttered the word “BOOOL-shit!” in “The Untouchables.” When I heard that, I knew right then and there he would win an Oscar. And he did.

  3. I do hope Connery is more enthusiastic with voice-overs in the future. From what I’ve heard, he was practically sleeping through the voice-acting for the James Bond videogame he did a few years ago. It was based on one the movies he starred in the 1960s. Don’t know if it was Thunderball or From Russia With Love…

    From what I understand, he quit acting mainly because A) he’s old and B) he got tired of dealing with egocentric directors and producers although he’s been guilty of being difficult on some sets, too!

    Connery had a major personality clash with the director of League of Extraordinary Gentlemen which I think was the last film he did. A shame really. The film wasn’t THAT bad… Not great, but not horrible.

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