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  1. I hadn’t seen the Bush pic before…hilarious! The guy had a sense of humor, at least.
    Happy Thanksgiving! We got one of those “Thanksgiving Dinner in a Box” things from Safeway, but I usually customize it quite a bit…in fact, I better get off the computer and get to work.
    I still remember that Thanksgiving dinner you cooked for a bunch of us when you were still in Sebastapol…pretty amazing (I still use the butter-soaked cheesecloth trick). I can’t remember who was there, though! Adam, I think? But there were others….

  2. Adam and Tomoko and maybe someone else. I think Tom Orz and Lois too. I remember Tomoko never saw the Wizard of Oz before. I started to put it on but no one watched it so I turned it off.

    I am really stuffed today My mom and my niece made dinner and we started buffet set ups with professional style warming trays like in a real buffet line.

    Anyway, my mom makes these chocolate creme Kaluha pies that are unreal. I had my calories for the week.

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