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  1. Ah, Cute Kitty!

    But note the indignant look on its face! That’s the difference between dogs and cats, folks. Dogs are communists, eager to please their masters and willing to put up with humiliation so long as they still belong to the pack. (Note: I still like dogs in general. I just don’t like picking the poop up after them in cold weather and that’s why I don’t own one.)

    Cats are rugged individualists, annoying libertarians to the core, self-centered and arrogant. And yet they’re such cute-looking little pricks! LOL

    (Yes, I do have a cat. He’s a nut. If you have to get one, get a male cat. They generally get along better with other animals — male and female, other male cat and dog as long as the dog is mild-tempered and easy-going.)

    Anyhow, that’s not the entire point of the post.

    Happy Post-Birthday, Mr. Hud!

    Next year, announce it with glowing balloon bubbles and fireworks… The technicolor will make sure nobody misses it… I’m embarrassed I didn’t see that post until this past day!

  2. I don’t do Facebook. Sorry!

    I’m annoyed enough with technology as it is even though I’m not technophobe myself!

    Why do we need cellphones that browse the Internet, text-message, and a million other things we’ll never use? Why do we need Twitter, period? Another thing to keep track of????

    You realize Hud that we’re so focused on productivity that people are losing their personal cool-down time UNLESS they turn the darn devices off! I’ve seen people take laptops and do work doing their lunch hours… WTF is up with that? Relax, already!

    My Dad complains about the pressures of healthcare and having to do 2.5 times as much work for half of what he was making 20 years ago! So much for technological revolutions in healthcare!

    All this demand on “productivity” is just nuts… There’s only so much people can do and all this technology isn’t necessarily making us all more productive, either. In some ways, it’s robbing us of our humanity and making personal eye-to-eye contact more disposable. It certainly hasn’t improved the manners of at least 65% of the nitwits online, either!

    Enough ranting from me already…!

    Sorry, this really should be about your birthday and congratulations. Hopefully, you’ll see your family this year and won’t get stick by snow.

  3. Jim’s a little older than me–my birthday was the 12th–but I’m catching up every year (as a percentage, anyway).

    When I have friends visiting, I will rarely answer the phone when we’re eating or talking. This really shocks some people. You can see them glancing at the ringing phone and getting more and more antsy until it stops.
    Hell, I never answer the phone if I’m busy doing something else. It doesn’t own me, and besides, that’s what voice mail is for.

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