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  1. The czars must go. (I’ll admit there is cognitive dissonance in a conservative advocating the downthrow of czars, considering who was responsible for that last time. But we live in an upside-down world these days.)

  2. These people keep popping up!

    Where have they been hiding? Not available for filming on the History Channel specials about Woodstock and Manson? 🙂

    Nice to see Van Jones gone, for sure… There’s nothing like the satisfaction of seeing a racist demagogue knocked off a self-appointed pedestal.

    Wonder how many ideologues like him are left in the “O” Camp?

    2012 can’t come fast enough… 2010 elections are just the preliminaries.

  3. If people don’t believe there’s a radical Marxist CE in the White House, the fact that Soviet-Russo terminology is floating all over the place in DC now should have been a major clue.

    Our current President is a Far-Left, Race-Baiting, Race-Hating man with more than a little of self-hate in him. Add to that more than a little arrogance, too.

    Such a blatantly dishonest administration…

    Amazing so many of us fell for this act last election.

    I’m so glad enough seniors and retirees woke up and stopped this guy before he got too far.

    I’m more than a little disappointed that we still have a Kool-Aid crowd and others who just won’t admit they elected the closest thing in American history to a Manchurian candidate.

    I’m most disappointed in the MSM for refusing its job and jumping on the gravy train of pork money just to save their corroding, increasingly irrelevant POV. These reporters and companies deserve to go out of business. The condescension and arrogance is like nothing I’ve seen in my entire life. I know these people made fun of Reagan and a bunch of other guys I respected but the lack of respect for the common man and labeling of others as dangerous simply for not agreeing with the “Anointed One” is just incredible. The American MSM really has devolved to near-Soviet Pravda. LET IT DIE…

    This is what the rewriting of cultural rules and political correctness have gotten us.

    I’m hoping common sense and a return to something approaching traditional mores comes back in the next year. I’ve had it with putting up with the mediocrity that’s been in place since the 1990s….. Obama, Pelosi, Reid, the rest of the Dems like them, and the moderate RINOs all need to go.

    Go to Venezuela, guys. You’ll fit in well with Hugo.

  4. Olympia Snowe is such an embarrassment, trying to work with the dems to keep the public option alive somehow. She should be kicked out fo the Republican party.

    Even more embarrassing is that republicans voted top allow a vote on Cass Sunstein as regulatory czar. That is a nightmare waiting to happen

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