Hasan in the Hood

So a Muslim man opens fire in a military base (Ft. Hood, TX) killing 12 and wounding 31 people. Does that mean the government will try to band guns on military bases now? Don’t laugh.

The biggest surprise of this story is that a Muslim man, working on a military base, was defending suicide bombers and other Muslims attacking our troops and that wasn’t looked into seriously. This after a previous incident at Ft. Dix.

I tend to stay away from commenting on these stories until more info comes in, but it looks like the PC train is still on the tracks. I don’t think Muslims should be singled out in the military or otherwise, but anyone who starts making comments like that and is in the military there is going to be a lot of CYA going on from here on out.

The good thing is he was captured alive. Maybe some info will come out of worth.

It’ll be interesting to see how the media spins it. I suspect it may reopen some old wounds.

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  1. If what’s been said about this psychiatrist (yeah, he IS a head-shrinker!) is true then someone’s derelict in their duty and the Army needs to stop BS’ing itself and take this stuff seriously. There’s no room for PC where security is concerned and in the type of person they let into the military.

    The Marines have it right… No BS, stick to the mission objective, and to hell with PC doves.

    What’s the excuse of the rest of the mililtary other than they want to “get along with everyone” and think singing kumbayah is going to save them with the Ultra-Left Liberals?

    I did get the impression they knew something was up with this guy but didn’t hear about the Ft. Dix incident yesterday.

    If that was the case, this man should have at the very least been discharged with no benefits. Supporting terrorism and actions against the country you’re a citizen of should be grounds for immediate dishonorable discharge. Of course, doves and the PC types would at the very least get that marked down to “general discharge” and the ACLU-types would probably help a shlub like this guy sue the government.

    The situation is ridiculous… For what he and others of his ilk have done to their fellow soldiers, their actions merit the death penalty. This @ss@#$% will get life, though. Mark my words…. He’ll get life even though he deserves to pay many times over for what he did to his fellow soldiers.

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