Hasta La Vista, California

The bottom line is the same polices that are wrecking California are being employed by Obama. He is in bed with the SEIU and the end result will be the same kind of high taxes and economic collapse happening here. Being a native Californian I have seen the state mismanaged my whole life and I really don’t want that to happen everywhere else. Which is why I am on Obama’s case almost every day on this blog.

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  1. Poor Arnold. He really gave it a good try at the beginning until he discovered California is run by lifer bureaucrats in Sacramento and the Big Unions like CalPERS. They soon made it clear to him he was a figurehead and he should sit down and shut up.
    Although I did enjoy his frustration recently with the enviros. He’d signed off on some huge solar panel array with much fanfare and support from the usual Green rabble. A few months later it became obvious that every location they could build it had some enviro group opposed to it because it was the habitat of the endangered left-handed twitbird or something. Finally he said “Dammit, if we can’t build this thing in the middle of the desert, where CAN we build it?”
    The question remains unanswered.

  2. He is playing the game. I wish he had just stayed principled instead. If he lost, it wouldn’t have matter much to him. I whs McClintock had one now. I supported Arnold in the recount because I thought he could use the media better, but in the end, he just went with the flow.

  3. I think most of us were very disappointed with how Arnold turned out, Hud.

    I really liked visiting California in the past and at one time thought I might like to live and work there.

    Now… I’m not so sure I could afford unless I got a really good job!

  4. I agree about McClintock. I voted for him in the Gray Davis recall.

    I think what happened was Ah-nold had more “star power”, more name recognition. McClintock knew what he was talking about, and knew what needed to be done, but he just wasn’t…well, sexy enough. And in the wonderfully superficial state that is California, that was all it took.

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