Healing Fine So Far

I saw my doctor on Thursday and he told me I don’t need a dressing anymore. And the pain is mostly gone. I get some phantom limb pains sometimes and the occasional spasm but for the most part I am on the road to mending, It’s a relief I don’t have to change a dressing twice a day or even once a day anymore.

I have tons of wound care supplies in my closet. Enough to start a hospital. I may give it to some charity or back to the VA if they will accept it.

It’s going to be another month before they remote the staples from my wound. I have 58 of them in a line under what remains of my right leg. There is some fading bruising but there is no more drainage. The wound healed and closed up. I am not two weeks from my operation, I see the surgeon on Tuesday.

Life without a leg is strange but I got used to it fast, After all I didn’t have a foot for almost a year. Halloween will be my anniversary.

I will walk again. I do not give up. And I know it will be hard. That doesn’t phase me. Being in a wheel chair does. I do not enjoy it. I want to walk through the countryside again. Through neighborhoods. Not being able to walk down to the corner store just sucks. Trust me.

So when I heal some more (the bone has to heal also), I will go into physical therapy and work on walking again. Hud 2.0 is coming.

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