Health Care Joke

The joke is the Health Care Summit that Obama called, which was as effectual as his “Race Summit”. Both were nothing but an excuse for more face time for the president, who doesn’t seem to be interested in actually doing a job, just looking like he’s doing one.

He reminds me of those people in an office and walk around with folders in their hand so it looks like they are actually doing something, but they’re just killing time till they can clock out.

This summit only accomplished something Obama didn’t want to happen. It made him and the other Democrats look petty and small. From the fact that they got to speak more than twice the amount of time the Republicans did. The Dems mostly told fake sounding sob stories and lied about how the public really wanted their bills to pass despite the polls.

Obama was the worst, some of his statements were either absurd, blatant falsehoods or disrespectful to the Republicans who showed up in good faith. And the Dems showed that they had no intention of listening to any Republican ideas. He ended it with a veiled threat which was rather ironic because it will come true for the Dems.

Various senators and congress people being interviewed after this summit have said they don’t expect anything to pass now. Which means, even the reconciliation process might not work. Obama is said to have a “plan B’. Frankly, I hope that fails too. He seems completely out of touch with the realities this country is facing. America has to cut back on the government and expenses. Not increase them. These bills would only add to the debt dramatically. This president and Congress seems completely clueless about fiscal responsibility. Time to go, people.

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  1. Hey Hud. Barry explained why there was twice the time for the dems. He didn’t count his time, because “I’m the President”. Cordially Charles

  2. I liked the part about the lady wearing her sister’s dentures.
    Since Obama’s Health Care Bill doesn’t cover dental, I’m not sure what he expected to accomplish with this, other than suckering the media.
    Oh…in that case, it worked.

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