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This documentary on the Vietnam war won the Academy award in 1975. It was also the year it came out because it was delayed for legal reasons. I remember it having a profound effect on me at the time, mainly because it revealed some things about the war that is never discussed and thus little known. Namely, that Harry Truman is responsible for the war because he lent the French the money to try to retake Indochina, which was once their colony and that is what began the conflict.

The film is made by people opposed to the Vietnam war but it is fairly even handed and has excellent interviews. If you haven’t seen it or seen it in a long time I recommend it. People need to understand that Vietnam is a war started by and escalated by Democrats. It was mismanaged by Democrats. It was ended by a Republican. But the lefties want us to believe it was a right wing conspiracy. It wasn’t and this documentary shows that.

After you watch this, I highly recommend watching The Fog of War by Errol Morris, which deals with Robert MacNamara’s approach to the Vietnam conflict. MacNamara was the Donald Rumsfeld of the Vietnam conflict. This film tells his side of the story, as the left attacked him back then as much as they did Rumsfeld during the Bush years.

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  1. Thank you for posting those videos. I just recently watched the documentary of Robert MacNamara and found them to be enlightening. Much to reflect on concerning morality of war, human nature, and perhaps misguided and limited perspectives. Thank you again.

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