Helen Thomas "Retires"

It’s about freaking time.

I don’t care if someone her age is in a job like that, only if they are competent. She has acted like a crazy bag lady for as long as I can remember. Ronald Reagan used to treat her like a nutty aunt, and let her ramble but didn’t really get into it with her. Because she has babbled on about a lot of loony things over the years. Naturally, she was a darling of the left.

I do give her credit for at least taking on Democrats occasionally. She wasn’t a total party animal. None the less, she was battier than a belfry.

UPDATE: Here’s a clip of Thomas spouting off her views. She admits she is a liberal and thinks that makes her objective. When you watch enough clips of her you realize she was nothing but a partisan hack. She had no understanding of reality at all.

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  1. I saw her once in Chicago, Hud.

    She was talking at the Borders that used to exist in downtown Chicago across from Water Tower Place.

    Frankly, I didn't like her.

    She seemed like an old, condescending hag…

    … Or one of the meanest nuns you could ever meet in real life.

    Regardless, the usual chuckleheads applauded her (rich, old Chicagoan biddies that have nothing better to do — honestly, I didn't care for Chicago at all).

    Never could understand why people liked her.

    With her recent batsh!t comments, it's now obvious to me that the exterior mirrors this woman's very ugly interior.

    The fact that she's a bigoted Arab is a capper to it all… But honestly, there are a lot of Europeans her age group that would have said the same thing, too.

    This is a bad time to be a Jew in the world.

    I feel for the honest guys in this country that are looking out for Israeli friends and families.

    I still scratch my head at how 80+% of American Jews could vote Democratic and especially for Barry… the racist good-for-nothing who's been elected to the highest office.

    Talk about the Garden of Eve snake biting you in the ass…. But the average Jew in the US seems to be a socialist of the highest order. They haven't learned from what's happened to Jews in other socialist countries. Heck, they should crack open the Torah they haven't looked at in over 10 years or borrow a friend's Old Testament and read what happens to people when they make horribly wrong and boneheaded decisions…

    Regardless of what group you belong to, it's amazing how people do themselves in because of pure selfishness and self-interest. It's more amazing to me how anybody could let their brothers outside of the US be liquidated by old enemies but it's looking more and more like they would…

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