"Hide the Decline"

The recently hacked emails from the Climate Research Unit of East Angluia, UK have been confirmed to be real, and are providing a wealth of evidence that, what many of us skeptics believed all along is true. The Climate proponents were censoring the debate. Blocking skeptics papers from being accepted by magazines. Deleting emails by skeptic scientists. Juking and distorting statistics to make global warming look real and admitting in private that global warming wasn’t happening at all.

The press is starting to talk about it. The NY Times, predictably is not going to print the emails, because some of their reporters are in there, which makes them complicit in the big lie. But of course, they have their own spin.

Climatologist Dr. Tim Ball tells you his views of the matter.

This whole scam has resulted in people all across Europe being taxed more and their utility bills skyrocketing (not to mention lost jobs) all for a big lie. They want to pass cap and trade here, which will have the same effect and we’re already at 17.5 percent unemployment. Millions of jobs will be lost if that passes (which I doubt now) and everyone would have their utility bills doubled. They are also using climate change as an excuse to limit people’s rights in many areas.

And while all this revelation is good, the AGW shills are pushing on. They think they have a deal which can be reached next month in Copenhagen. We certainly don’t want that to happen. Fortunately, their deal relies on Obama kicking in US money and he isn’t planning to go now.

This whole matter is just starting to heat up. It should be entertaining if the skeptics finally get to have their day in court.

UPDATE: Some Warming Pimps see the end is near. Not from AGW.

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