Holmes Beats Avatar

Didn’t see the new Holmes movie, but I have to say it’s somewhat satisfying to see it beat Avatar which I reviewed earlier in the week. Avatar was an amazing looking film about as deep as a saucer and had the temerity to expect audiences to cheer the killing of American troops, who were the bad guys. No wonder James Cameron was snippy with fans this weekend. Maybe next time he’ll get a clue and stop comparing our military to General Custer.

Meanwhile, I saw a movie this weekend that was another fool’s errand: “The Invention of Lying”. An attempt by Ricky Gervais to make a comedy that was flatter than a one sided pancake. The premise is a world where no one lies, becomes easy for our hero to trick because he discovers people believe anything he makes up. The problem lies in the fact that no only is it so obvious in everything that happens, the whole movie is a set up to making fun Christianity. Gervais character makes up a religion just like the one in the bible, and he writes the 10 commandments on the back of pizza boxes so he has something tablet like. Ho ho.

See, people will believe any lie he tells them so why not make up a religious about heaven to give people false hopes?

I don’t know about you, but I am really tired of Christian bashing and I’m not even religious. It’s become such a trite cliche because they never have the guts to take on any other religions. It’s always Christians who get attacked as being stupid or crazy. Maybe because they know they won’t fight back. Well, actually they do. Movies like this one usually bomb. As did this.

The only saving grace of the movie was Jennifer Gardner who was good in it. It had other decent actors, but they were all wooden. Gervais needs to come up with something more original next time.

I also checked out Ninja Assassin, which is as trite as the title implies. The trailer looked like it would have some good action, but it was rather morose and talky with characters almost as one dimensional as the villains in Avatar. Hey, maybe Cameron can direct Flatland next.

The movies I recommend that are out on video this week are Inglorious Basterds, which I think may be Tarantino’s most mature film. District 9, a real sleeper that was way better than I thought. Pandorum, an excellent sci-fi movie with a lot of surprises. Harry Potter, Star Trek and Public Enemies if you didn’t see them. I also kind of liked the Night at the Museum sequel. A decent enough dumb comedy. It has Amy Adams in it, so that sold me on seeing it. Hank Azaria is really funny as an evil Egyptian prince with a bad lisp.

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  1. Here’s what I believe about the Christian-bashing —-

    There is a secularist agenda to normalize or minimalize a lot of salacious and really bad behavior that people who have grown up in a moderately religious household would abhor.

    This includes but is not limited to polygamy, bigamy, pedophilia, ultrafeminist thought, goddess worship, and so on.

    The MSM promotes and touts these views as good ones because it can’t stand the norm that has sustained and I think promoted Western civilization for the good of mankind for centuries. The MSM is in bed with an ultra-left political philosophy which will destroy it just as it will the type of society the MSM despises! (MSM = spoiled, naive, or otherwise stupid people who don’t realize how good they have it. I find them to be by and large ignorant of reality and condescending of non-media persons.)

    The MSM doesn’t seem to understand its very existence is a consequence of Christian-based values and NOT something that spontaneously germinated on its own. Go to other countries that haven’t developed with traditional Judeo-Christian values and see how free their press is!

    Granted, we are at a delicate balance that’s been brought about by a massive change in the MSM and a consolidation of power — this has been going on for probably at least 40, maybe 50 years. We’re seeing it in effect with this administration in an indisputable demonstration — its blatant disregard for the electorate and people who still treasure traditional spiritual life and the sanctity of life, period. Don’t let the pretty words fool you… The cons from Chicago don’t really care what you think! They’re lying and cheating while they can because it worked for them in the past.

    Obama is NOT a Christian. A Christian does NOT cover up crosses and other Judeo-Christiian iconography at events on universities/colleges that have religious backing… He’s been aided and abbetted by Leftists at those schools. A Christian does NOT declare himself to be Moslem or adopt Moslem sayings on a hat when on trips abroad. He’s been caught doing this multiple times.. We have an MSM that’s covering up for him, period. This is not a conspiracy/lunatic raving. There are recordings of these instances. There are people who are committed loons or too lazy to see and hear the evidence in front of them.

  2. I’d have to say, despite once again showing PMCs as sadistic evil corporate stormtroopers, District 9 is pretty damn good sci-fi flick. At least it entertains you enough not to notice any political undertones, if any did exist at all! Way, waay more entertaining and interesting than Avatar I must say. This film deserves an Oscar for best film dare I say. I can’t think of anything as original and different that came out this year.

  3. District 9 was great. It really took me by surprise. Even though the villains are heavy handed, it had a playful sense of humor and it was entertaining as all get out.

    If you haven’t seen Pandorum, you should check it out. It was very surprising. I don’t know how it went by without me even hearing about it. It must have went straight to video or something. I checked it out on a whim.

    9 is also not bad, the animated film not the musical. It is set in an alternate world after an apocalypse where all the human are dead and the characters are these living homunculi that were created by the scientist who invented the thing that destroyed the world. That was fairly fresh.

    I also recommend Sunshine Cleaning with Amy Adams. And 500 Days of Summer, a really clever “romance” that’s not a romance movie.

  4. The response level to national disaster is noble but it’s a real shame that so many people take advantage of the negative situations.

    I mean everytime there is an earthquake, a flood, an oil spill – there’s always a group of heartless people who rip off tax payers.

    This is in response to reading that 4 of Oprah Winfreys “angels” got busted ripping off the system. Shame on them!

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