Horton Plaza: 1955

Horton Plaza in downtown San Diego has been a mall since the 1980s. But I remember it much differently from when I was a kid. Back in the 70s it had two movie theaters that were grind house cinemas. They were open 24 hours. You could see 3 movies for $3. They would be kung fu, cop movies, exploitation, etc. I didn’t use them that much but I remember seeing Magnum Force with a friend once. And various kung fu flicks like Five Fingers of Death.

Regulars of the San Diego Comic Con know Horton Plaza well. Those of us who remember the 70s here, will get a sense of nostalgia from these.

I found these great pictures from the 1950s when the plaza was more wholesome. It was extremely seedy in the 70s. But that was typical of the times.

Click to enlarge.

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