How to Bankrupt the World

The Copenhagen clowns are feverishly trying to sell us out in a big way. Not only will they end up costing everyone a lot of money, it may even effect where you’re allowed to live and your very lifestyle. All for a bogus and discredit scam that continues to unfold.

If negotiators reach an accord at the climate talks in Copenhagen it will entail profound shifts in energy production, dislocations in how and where people live, sweeping changes in agriculture and forestry and the creation of complex new markets in global warming pollution credits.

So what is all this going to cost?

The short answer is trillions of dollars over the next few decades. It is a significant sum but a relatively small fraction of the world’s total economic output. In energy infrastructure alone, the transformational ambitions that delegates to the United Nations climate change conference are expected to set in the coming days will cost more than $10 trillion in additional investment from 2010 to 2030, according to a new estimate from the International Energy Agency.

Oh, gee. It’s a “small fraction of the world’s output”, but it’s going to the benefit of the world’s most evil criminals. And yes, that’s what they are. They are bilkig the world of trillions, condemning untold millions to poverty and less freedom to enrich their worthless selves.

This farce has got to end. This has to fail. Or there will be repercussions that will make WWII look like a cake walk. People will not take these major hits to their lifestyle in stride.

UPDATE: For example

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