How's This for a Candidate Speech?

I don’t remember any politicians talking like that before. This is why Trump is only getting more popular. People are tired of spin, they like directness.

Would I vote for him? The problem with Trump is his history is all over the map. I judge politicians by their past accomplishments and actions. He has none as a politician, but we can see how he has operated and I question his sincerity on many issues. But I have to admit, I do like the way he isn’t pussyfooting around. I suspect he saw how Governor Christie got popular and is following suit.

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  1. Trump seems to be the only ‘politician’ with balls to address the BS Certificate debacle head on with no apologies and without any minced words. And that is not the only serious issue he is addressing in this way, just the #1 most important one on my list from day 1 of the Obama fraud. Regardless of Trumps ‘record’, when he speaks what he is saying and the way he says it totally resonates with reality. He doesn’t sound like a politician. He sounds like a genuine American, and one who certainly gets America. To me he sounds like Reagan in that tough stand up take no BS way, although admittedly Reagan came across in a much more reserved way. I have been unable to write Trump off as a political show simply by closely listening to him and he sounds genuine to me. If its an act, then he’s a damn good actor. So was Reagan.

  2. Hey,

    If he causes headaches for Obama and keeps him on his toes and FORCES the media to finally relent and uncover more of the sordid background of the ManChild-in-Chief, more power to Mr. Trump!

    There are more than a few thorns and poisonberries in that diseased trunk we call the Obama White House.

    I’m hoping the days for covering for the Shamwow-in-Chief are coming to an end.

    P.S. — Does anybody else find it odd that a story was released about Barack Sr.’s Harvard days this weekend??? (Way to dodge and deflect, Barry. Sure, your dad was a toad but it’s becoming clear you don’t think anything of throwing older members of your family under a bus to save your lousy hide. Something else you have in common with Comrade Soros.) Talk about a horndog and louse! I could forgive the worst things done in my family far easier than what that man did.

    No wonder WonderBoy Barack is as messed up as he is! Between that absentee daddy and his mentors, that guy has to be one psychological powder-keg.

    He”s going to crack any day now, guys… The fascade has to be slipping more unless the White House doctors have him on some good meds.

    Seriously… I’m not kidding here!

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