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  1. Thanks, that was interesting. I’ve been an AW fan for a while. He once made the comment, don’t remember where, that he would have been a world beating comic creator IF he had concentrated on mainstream comics and not gotten involved with the manga style. After seeing his “Teen Titans” book I have to agree with that – a remarkable artist.

    Perhaps you should have noted that the book veers between PG and R ratings. It is, in effect, a comedic bondage fetish fantasy. Sort of a superhero satire smashup with Little Annie Fanny and Eric Stanton.

  2. Interesting podcast. Adam is eloquent, as usual, and I second your urging that comics readers check out Empowered.
    I was amused by the time spent on the realities of freelance work. As the military saying goes, “Amateurs talk about tactics–professionals talk about logistics.” Same for comics: “Amateurs talk about how cool it would be to be a comics artist, pros talk about how to make a living at it.” Over the last 25 years I’ve spent a great deal of time gently (or not so gently) explaining to fans that the reason I don’t do [insert crazy request here] is because I’d go broke. Befuddlement generally ensues.

  3. I’m a fan of Adam’s style and have most of his Empowered work and roughly two-thirds of his Dirty Pair series (in trade paperback).
    I wish Dark Horse could get interested in reprinting his Dirty Pair stories because they’re still among his best work IMHO… The later series are particularly good since they’re more like his most recent style of drawing and they just got crazier as time went by.
    Sure, there are differences from the anime Dirty Pair — a bit wackier, more hyper drawing style, American quips — but it’s a very good inspired take on the girls.

    We need more light-hearted work… The maiming, dismemberment, and constant cage-style fighting in the Marvel and DC books — it’s just gotten sad, really. It’s beyond dark and just ludicrous now. Heroes really were a LOT better when they were written for kids instead of adults with super-powered wrestling storyline fantasies!
    Thank goodness for the indies but even they need to lighten up, too, and have some more fun. I haven’t had an excuse to buy anything new for over a year now!

    The only source of consistent lightheartedness now are web comics.
    I still like some of Empowered but I’ve gotta admit sometimes I get tired of the cheesecake and superhero parody shtick. The sad fact is that Marvel and DC already offer plenty of superhero parodies each month (demonstrating how NOT to write comics and how to dishonor the good stuff that used to exist!)… but as has been pointed out, Emp is a different direction for Warren actually using input from fans (which I don’t see as much happening right now — particularly at DC).
    That’s pretty much how Weisinger worked on Superman, no? As disliked as he is now by fans, some of the crazier Superman stories (that are still liked today) were a direct result of input from kids!

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