Hudcast #9: Andrew Paquette

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Today I interview Andrew Paquette. He’s a phenomenal painter and artist. I first met him back in the 90s through Mark Evanier and he eventually pencilled the comic Harsh Realm which I wrote that eventually became a TV series on Fox. Andrew left comics not long after that and became a fine arts painter, a CGI artist on such movies as the first Spiderman and Space Jam. He developed many computer games and is now and author and professor, senior lecturer/research lead at the International Game Architecture and Design Academy in the Netherlands. It’s of the world’s top game design schools. He is a founding member of the academy.

Andrew is one of the more interesting people I know. His website is found here.

CORRECTION: Vince Gillian was the X-Files writer who created Breaking Bad not Frank Spotnitz. My mistake

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