Hudcasts Return

Years ago I planned to do video casts and a couple trials are still on my youtube account. But then I ended up getting sidetracked as I sometimes do.
But I have become a fan of a lot of youtube shows and been brushing up my video editing skills with the latest software. I am planning a return to doing hudcasts.
My first ones will probably be pitches for comics projects I am working on but then I will get into subjects that interest me.
Here’s a little video that I did back in the 2012 election. A lot of it is substantially why Trump won this election. Some people want to blame nonsense like racism, sexism or whatever. Those people need to be seriously redpilled. The media has filled their heads with modern day red scare propaganda.
In the meantime check this out if you missed it. The arguments are about the tea party but the tea party became the so-called deplorables.

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