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  1. You’re on the official “Enemies List” now, pal.
    Well, the link should lead to a flood of new comments. I await them with glee.

  2. Good and bad news with that…

    The Bad — 20-30% of the people that visit Fox hate it just because they’re not “mainstream.” (IE, Far-Left Liberal, prejudiced completely to the Politically Correct/Mind-Control movement.) I can’t tell you how many people automatically dump on “Fox” when they see those 3 letters. (About half the guys that frequent AICN plus Fat Harry himself fit into that category.) Myself, I see plenty of stuff that I don’t like about Fox (mainly the crummy TV programming on their regular Fox network and their new movie releases) and other things I DO like about Fox (Fox News, FX network, Fox Classic Movies network, their DVD releases, etc.). For the most part, I don’t judge a company solely by one product. You have to look at the overall corporation.

    The Good — Of course, the 60% of us who DO think will appreciate and may actually pick up OTHER things you’ve written as a consequence. You stand a good chance of SELLING something to these people! Win-win!

    Neutral/Don’t Count — The 10% who still can’t make up their minds when presented all the facts. They are the sheeple who get carried around by everyone else. Useful only for ballast.

  3. Toren beat me to it!

    You’re officially a recognized “racist” and “obstructionist” now, Hud! LOL

    We must not question The Great One, The Second Coming, B.O.! The Great and Powerful Oz, er ‘Bama, has spoken! Pay no attention to that man who does not know how to speak without a teleprompter!

    (I pause at using the “M” word for B.O. as it crosses too far over into sacrilegious. Don’t you know G-d’s a 2nd Amendment/Libertarian kind of fellow? 🙂 )

    Too bad the ability to reason is not recognized as an asset by the sheeple and “True Believers”… Marvel Zombies, indeed. The comic book industry could catch up with Time Magazines for the number of times they’re featured “The Great One” on covers by the middle of the year…

    P.S. — Good news is that on the non-Soros sponsored sites I glance at occasionally disenchantment with “The One” is growing and people are letting others overseas know that distrust of the media is only human. We’ve all been fooled before! It’s not bad to question what the Fourth Estate/Fourth Branch of Government tells us…

  4. Congratulations! Now you’re really eeeevil!

    I agree with George about the selling. Next time, I hope you’ve got a new product out. Watch sales rise!

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