Idiocy DuJour

It’s time to bust out the crates of Thorazine and the padded wagons and round up these study experts because they’re obviously insane. The same crackpots who told us the ozone hole was man made (a lie) and now claiming that our efforts to fix it has helped cause AGW. Yeah.

A new study led by Columbia University researchers has found that the closing of the ozone hole, which is projected to occur sometime in the second half of the 21st century, may significantly affect climate change in the Southern Hemisphere, and therefore, the global climate. The study appears in the June 13th issue of Science.

Well, gee, make Freon legal again then. I am sick of this weak cooling stuff they use now. It’s pathetic. And halon need to come back. Best fire fighting chemical ever.

Oh, by the way, the claim these researches are making? It’s based on COMPUTER MODELS. Yes, just like the ones that claim AGW is real.

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