Idiots at the Gate

A bunch of drones who believe Al Gore’s lies crashed a Copenhagen protest to push the green agenda and shout down dissenters. Their check from Soros is in the mail.

Apparently they’re unaware, or don’t care, that the climate debate is far from over. The warmists may be trying to ram it down our throats like the Dems are pushing socialized medicine. But they will not win without a fight or repercussions for their actions.

The public may be slow to anger but that anger is getting closer to the red line every day. What people once tolerated as the silliness of people with too much time on their hands, will not be tolerated when more and more are thrown into poverty by the global meltdown these politicians are only making worse.

The so called green energy jobs end up costing three jobs to every one they “create”. And the fact is the technology for green energy does not come close to fossil fuels or nuclear, which we have plenty of resources in either. But they want to block any attempts to use those resources or expand them.

A rich society breeds fools like flies. Because people with lots of money and free time have the luxury to delude themselves about how the world supposedly works. But when things get really tough, the people who actually produce and do something will not sit by idly while their livelihood are destroyed. The politicians who have been egged on by the deluded will find that they have compromised themselves beyond redemption and what comes to pass will not be pretty.

We’re only 11 months from the next election. Expect a raucious election year like no other.

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