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  1. My concern, Hud, is that the Tea Party will split the opposition to the Democrats and allow Obama to squeak by in both 2010 and 2012.

    I’m sorry, but this has happened before at least twice.

    Once, during the 1912 election when the Bull Moose Party split the Republican vote and enabled the godawful Woodrow Wilson to become President TWICE and again in 1976 when Republicans and Independents disgusted with Nixon enabled the election of Jimmy Carter. At least Jimmy Carter was bad enough that he didn’t last more than one term!

    If the economy and job recovery stays where it’s at, Obama’s toast in 2012 for sure. He’ll be voted out as surely as he was voted in 2008. Mark my words!

    In the meantime, I’m beginning to think that we’re NOT going to see the landslide for the Tea Party and Republican candidates that was predicted earlier this year.

    The Tea Party/reform movement isn’t strong enough by itself to win everything. It CAN, however, enable the continuation of the current minority Neo-Liberal/Socialist movement in this country. Those people thrive on divide and conquer and depend on it to continue in power and amass even more power.

    Yes, I am concerned by the attitude of Party Bosses that “we’ll support and allow the people WE WANT to run AND BE ELECTED.” There’s nothing more elitist, condescending, and aristocratic than that attitude and it should be of concern to anybody who isn’t dazzled by a Kennebunkport or Upper West Side family name…

    However, the Tea Party could be instrumental to the survival of that very political elite for the reasons I stated above.

    • That’s what the Democrats and the media (same difference) want to believe and want you to believe. We shall see in November. I don’t think the Democrats have the support. But again, we;ll see.

      The tea party isn’t splitting anything. They are purging the Republican party of RINOS. In some cases, that may or may not be good for the Republicans, like in Delaware. 2012 is too far away to be sure what will happen. A lot can change.

    • As a conservative independent I feel I haven’t any choice but to support and vote for any true conservative out there.

      In the past, I was persuaded by concerns like yours to support anyone the party put up. That only lead to more RINOS.

      I have to vote my conscience and hope that if enough of us do that then we will eventually weed out the RINOS.

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