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  1. Wow…

    Good move, DC!

    Write one of the biggest American icons into a whiny bitch of the current Neo-Progressive ThunkTank… (Not that that hasn’t been happening for well over a decade now. Look who’s been writing Superman for a while and STINKING UP THE CHARACTER and you think this latest development is completely out of left field????)

    Yes, we all know Superman’s story and how he came to Earth… BUT what the current writers and editors forget is that he EVOLVED into an icon of the US because of Middle American parents who raised him with an appreciation for freedom and all the responsibilities that it entails as AN AMERICAN…

    So, not only are you spitting in the eyes of fandom and their fave character but you’re also saying his parents were wrong????

    Sorry, Superman’s not a multiculturalist or politician, and nor should he be. You want that B.S., create a European character OR someone who grew up in in the moral cesspool that the UN is now. That’s NOT Superman.

    Like it or not, Superman IS an American icon. You have to be a complete shithead and unaware of the character’s history to not get that fact at all.

    You have to be have graduated a miserable public school within the past 15 years OR be Barry Obama to NOT understand what an American icon is…. Let alone basic facts like the existence of 50 American states, or the fact that birth certificates are a basic prerequisite of a lot of jobs and school applications…

    It’s the current DC editorial regime so most of us with half a brain should have seen this coming.
    Won’t raise sales for more than a temporary blip,
    and it WILL raise the ire of the dwindling pool of comic books that are left.
    The vast majority of Superman fans are already saying they HATE this development.

    This won’t get better until the current powers-that-be are LET GO from DC and replaced with people who care about the characters AND like dealing with fandom in an honest manner. Didio’s bad enough. Most of us aware he’s a dope. To think that Jim Lee and Geoff Johns (who I think is at best okay-ish as a writer) would sign off on this …! They need to get their heads examined. This headline is NOT WORTH the long-term headache it’s going to cause.

    Seriously… read the reprints of the old stories before the 1990s.

    They’re better than what passes for acceptable at Marvel & DC nowadays.
    There was a time when our society and comic book fandom at large was respected by the editors and writers.
    It’s clear that since the 1990s a group of writers, artists, and editors have come in who by-and-large respect NEITHER the society they’ve grown up in NOR the people who ultimately pay their checks.

    I could name names, but frankly it’s not worth it when it’s the overwhelming number of monthly guys who act and write like such total douchebags… You hear it from the conventions, and my goodness, some of these guys are DUMB ENOUGH to post their political shpiel on messageboards and blogs!

    We now know what the “S” on the chest stands for — “Shit-headed decisions made by clueless assholes…” Bit of a long contraction there, but can you honestly tell me there’s anything in this storyline that sounds like the Superman you grew up with???

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