In Case You Were Not Certain

Muslim fanatics do want to take over the world. And force everyone to be a Muslim or live under Muslim rule.


Gee, what a handsome bunch.

Radical islam is an extremist view worse than Nazi fascism. Naturally, politicians in Europe have wimped out in dealing with these fanatics. Just listen to these imbecilic journalists in these videos. They try to make Wilders out to be the bad guy, when he is defending his people’s right to maintain their lifestyle. IN THEIR OWN COUNTRY.

It’s not a joke, that a small country like the Netherlands is being swamped by immigrants who will potentially dominate the nation and take it over and force everyone there to kowtow to their culture. That problem is happening all over Europe.

UPDATE: We’ll see if Obama is stupid enough to believe the Taliban. Based on his record so far, the answer seems to be yes. After all, he opened the idea of dealing with “moderate Taliban members”.

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