Industrialization and Capitalism are Good For You

Professor Hans Rosling is a master of statistics and his analysis of wealth and health statistics over the last 200 years shows that the human race has been lifted up by two things, greater economic freedom from free markets (capitalism) and industrialization. The societies that embraced those two things have done the best and those who were mired in the repressive and primitive methods of the past lagged behind. But the great thing about these two systems is they have an effect of lifting everyone up over time.

The people who want to destroy capitalism and technological progress, and you know who we’re talking about, want to destroy the human race, or at the least, bring us back to the darker ages. And that is why we must fight them. We do not want to return to a past of disease, poverty and oppression. We want to march into a bright and glorious future. And that is why we need to reject the failed ideologies of statists and embrace calls for free enterprise, limited government and advanced science.

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