Innovation Would Die Under Obamacare

Reason TV continues to do excellent stuff. Notice the SEIU goons in the purple shirts protesting against profit in the healthcare business (I guess everyone in health care are supposed to operate at a loss?). SEIU is not only run by a socialist thug, Andy Stern, who bought a lot of access to the Obama White House and visited it 22 times in the first 6 months, The SEIU wrote a lot of the monstrously huge “healthcare” bill in the House and part of what they wrote would force medical people into the (surprise!) SEIU if it passed with that part in it. They are totally for profit business and greedier than any insurance company. And they are also another ACORN, with ties to that organization (one of the Rathke brothers works for them and they share a building).

The bottom line is unionizing healthcare workers is definitely not going to lower costs. Neither is avoiding tort reform or even penalizing it.

The Democrats are not serious about lowering costs, they are looking at this as another way to tax us. And the bill taxes us from a hundred different directions. Meanwhile, it will rack up the deficit even more.

No thanks.

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  1. One of the most outrageous parts of Obamacare is that government employees, politicians, and union employees are EXEMPT from it and will continue to get their golden benefit packages. The GOP should have a good ad out on this and be running it 1000 times a day on TV. If there is anything people hate, it’s being told they are “less worthy” than others.

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