Iran Before the Revolution

Iran is a beautiful country with vast ceder forests and snow capped mountains. It was one the most modern country in the Middle East. When I was in the Air Force, they trained Iranian pilots at Lackland Air Force Base in Texas. I remember seeing them on drill there. I even talked to a few of them, they were all pretty friendly. And I have known many Iranians after the revolution who stayed here because they couldn’t go back. What the Islamic fanatics did there should be a warning to us all about Islamic fanaticism.

Here are some pictures of Iran before the fall.


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  1. A good family friend is a directional drilling engineer who worked all over the world, including Iran, Borneo, Oman, Brazil, etc.
    He told me that when he was in pre-Ayatollah Iran, it was an amazing place. Tehran was “the Paris of the Middle East.” The women (who are not arabic, but caucasians) are mostly gorgeous leggy blondes with piercing blue eyes. The streets were packed with them, dressed to the nines. The city was full of universities, and students who, while enjoying their youth, were all studying useful things like chemical engineering and medicine (not “Ethiopian shard analysis” or “underwater ballroom dancing for minorities”).
    He never went back after the fall of the Shah, but he doubts the place was improved by the replacement of a greedy but laid-back monarch with a pinch-face Islamic psychopath.
    Seems likely.

  2. Lets thank the US and the UK for implementing the revolution. Don’t hide behind this ‘islam’ crap. US and and UK funded this shit. Religion was merely a backbone.

  3. Actually, the Iranian revolution started when Jimmy Carter cut off the pay off checks that were being sent to the Ayatollah Khomeini who ws living in Paris at the time, in exile. Once that happened he decided to foment a revolution and to get back at US, he had a bunch of Americans kidnapped and held hostage.

    The Shah was a US ally who Jimmy Carter abandoned.

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