Iron Man 2 Trailer

Looks very good, except I really don’t like the apologist for being a defense contractor meme in this movie and the last. It also shows up a lot in the comics lately. The moonbats took over the narrative and that kind of stupidity will play out badly under Obama’s watch. Watch and see. I still remember the Carter years, and Carter was a hawk compared to the apologist in chief we have now.

Also, check out this trailer for Clash of the Titans. Sam Worthington, fresh off of Avatar plays Perseus. Liam Neeson plays Zeus.

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  1. Tru dat.
    I thought thought Iron Man was the best flick of 2008 and loved it. YET…They were clearly skating a slippery slope with the “I can be the military industrial complex yet reform it so that its good” line.
    It’s essentially bad to make and sell weapons for a living. The brilliance of the Iron Man movie is that they are aware of this and have the character struggle with this glaring contradiction. Iron Man 2 seems to foucus on this contradiction even more. But as long as Tony Stark does anything less than walk away from making waepons of anykind and declare an outright stance of the entire military industrial complex he will always be a back and forth apologist for imperialism. The back and forth is kind of fun though but even though I believe there are two sides to every story I would love to see Iron Man become and ant-establishement independent hero with no political or military ties. Maybe in Iron Man 3 lol

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