Iron Man 3: Review

Personally, I loved it. It was very funny, funnier than most comedies, yet it was also a good action movie where Tony Stark, not Iron Man, does most of the heavy lift. There is no writer I can think of, save maybe Quentin Tarantino who could write Tony Stark as well as Shane Black, whose style of humor is so suited to Robert Downey Jr.

The critics who don’t like this movie are angry either that Iron Man is less the focus this time around, or the twist about the Mandarin, they just don’t get it that its really about Stark, the man in the suit and is tailor made for Downey’s unique talents. And it works. The big fight at the end is clearing things for the next one. I was very satisfied.

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  1. But is this Downey’s last outing as Stark? And what’s with the removal of the heart shrapnel? That was a necessary component of the character, an amoral man confronted up front and constantly reminded of his own mortality. Was that ever in the comic version of Iron Man?

  2. I don’t recall when they removed it in the comics, but I think they did a while ago. Downey made it sound like that was his last one but more than likely its a negotiating tactic since they would have to renew with him. I seriously don’t Avengers 2 will have some other guy in the role.

  3. I finally saw the film today… IM3 is way better than ST: Into Darkness.

    There’s no question the screenplay to IM3 is better and it doesn’t have as many logic issues and plotholes as the new ST film does.

    The ST film is a logical mess from beginning to end and a horrible way of mimicking the best of the earlier Trek films. It lacks the realness of that earlier era (pre-2009) film and the recreations of certain scenes smack of very lazy scriptwriting and, I’m very sorry to say this, but Chris Pine and Zachary Quinto don’t have anything on Shatner and Nimoy. The original actors own these characters and they were very much perfect. Again, I reiterate that what came off very geniune in the earlier film with the older gentlemen has a fairly poor pastiche remake in the new film.

    For anybody that cares about the integrity of the original Star Trek in addition to good screenwriting this is not the film for you. It reeks of the worst aspects of commercial filmmaking and is a very poorly constructed film. I still liked Bruce Greenwood in all honesty — great character actor and he brings new things to his character and perhaps it helps him that Pike was a near blank slate prior to his casting — but I just didn’t feel the sense of urgency and caring for the other characters and frankly thought Pine’s Kirk came off as a bit of a brat.

    The new ST film is disturbing from the point of view that I think it’s been established how Abrams handles “other people’s toys” and I don’t think he’s going to be a good fit for Star Wars in all frankness. We’ll see — but if he brings the same script partners he had with him on his JJ-verse films all bets are off.

    IM3 pretty much fixed the major issues I had with IM2. It’s a far superior film to that one and I frankly agree with you, Hud. I thought the way the Mandarin was presented was logical; prior to the revelation of the character he was very insidious and Bin Laden-like but it wasn’t like your stereotypical “mooo-wahahaha” supervillain. He was scary in a way that Dr. Doom and (arguably) the Red Skull should have been but weren’t. When the truth about the Mandarin was revealed, instead of feeling cheated I was lightly amused — face it, Kingsley is one of the best things after Downey in the film; I thought he was entertaining and charming after the “revelation”; what a character(!) –… I guess some people just don’t want to have their preconceptions challenged in a decent way that doesn’t come off cheezy. So very, very unlike the brainless mess that I felt the Star Trek film was.

    (Hate to belabor the point, but the new ST film has to be among the dumbest films I’ve seen in the past ten years. I’ve seen reality shows with hillbillies and white trash — hell, episodes of “Cops” — that were smarter than this! Plan 9 from Outer Space was written better… I think this new ST film is almost as bad as Battlefield Earth. Seriously.)

    I also felt that there really was a point to having Rhodey in the new IM film, too. Cheadle was very charming and a character you could sympathize with… Still agree with the kid and Tony, though — War Machine is a WAY cooler name than Iron Patriot. Only Captain America gets away with having a patriotic name, IMHO.

    Here’s another thing about the IM3 film that surprised me, too. The way the villain was dealt with and portrayed… it just feels a bit more real than some guy being hacked off because he was corrected by a college classmate before messing up an experiment and his face in the process, OR a guy getting pissed off at Superboy because he felt Superboy caused him to go bald in a lab accident! It’s unfortunately the case that this is the type of villain we’re dealing with in a VERY real way in everyday life. You do have a feeling that there are industrialists, old families with old money, and megalomaniacs pulling strings behind the scenes.

    It’s a very real possibility we’ve had world leaders killed off by people like the true “Mandarin” throughout history. It’s an issue a lot of people just don’t want to face but a very true reality. There are still people who won’t accept that Obama, for instance, is very much a puppet of people like this. Hate or agree with his politics all you want but ultimately he’s not the one steering the course of everything. He’s very much an empty suit and it’s his backers and mentors people should really be worried about.



    The heart damage issue was taken care of decades ago in the comics.
    I’ll say this for the millionth time I’ve said this to anybody — with Hollywood, don’t count on the films being anything like the source material except in name and spirit.

    I’m sorry but it would far less logical for Tony to live the rest of his life with the shrapnel issue than tackling it and moving forward from there. That is VERY consistent with the character I READ in the comics prior to Marvel ruining him from the mid-1990s until the first Iron Man film.

    The whole point of Tony designing and re-designing his armors is not only to incorporate new technologies as they arise — he’s a technologist — but also to improve on himself. It’s very much a part of the character that he works on new projects as a way to cope with his personal issues.

    This is very much in the spirit of the best Iron Man comics which were done by David Michelinie and Bob Layton. The other IM runs in the comics are a joke.

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