Irony DuJour

You gotta love leftist protesters. They are so funny when they’re angry. Witness these signs from a Sarah Palin protest in Eugene, Oregon. She was speaking there. So the first sign says Eugene is a “hate free zone”, then look at all the other bile spewing, head spinning signs around it. Har de har har.

I especially love the one that the Tea Party is a flop. I think they mean the Coffee Party.

Word to the unwise, “It is better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to open your mouth and remove all doubt.” One of those American founders you guys hate so much said that. True that, yo.

Wait, I thought only the tea party was full of angry, delusional people. Oops!

[Via Gateway Pundit]

UPDATE: As James Taranato of the WSJ points out, “Antiwar” rallies are more violent and angry that tea party rallies. Yet, the usual blowhards in the press make the tea party out to be the dangerous ones.

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