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  1. Well, Europeans are definitely not fans of Arabs and Moslems in general…

    This kind of parallels in some ways the Japanese attitude.

    The Japanese want to be business partners with the rest of Asia but don’t acknowledge what they did in World War II to the rest of the region… Apologies, with few exceptions, are not forthcoming and frankly the other nations are upset at the way the Japanese wrote their history books to enforce the attitude (among the Japanese public) that THEY (the Japanese) were the victims in World War II and that they were trying to liberate the rest of Asia from the US and Europe!

    I know enough of the World War II history that I’m aware that the Imperial Japanese were AT LEAST as bad as the Nazis. They did all the same things — racist propaganda, re-education of their enemies’ children, genocide, death labor camps, medical experiments on POWs, and all kinds of physical and psychological torture. And yet they have the gall to say to hundreds of thousands of victims that they didn’t do a lot of these things in spite of first-hand accounts and the film footage their own military shot of them torturing, beating, and shooting countless other human beings!

    To a point, the US government IS responsible for letting the Japanese get away with this. Our government wanted their cooperation post-WWII against the Soviet Union so much that A) we LET them write their history books the way they have been for over six decades now and B) we let a potential war criminal — Hirohito — get off without so much as a slap on the wrist besides being ‘un-deified’.

    Political correctness is allowing radical Moslems to get away with the victim angle, too.

    • Yes, many of the European crusades were a response to Muslim invasions of Europe and Christendom. The reason they obsess about crusaders so much is they got their ass kicked.

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