It's All a Scam

Imagine that the government spends billions of dollars in an effort to create jobs, or so they claim, but little or none are actually created. So they say they “saved or created jobs”. But when asked for proof they make up a lot of jobs that not only don’t exist, they are in districts that don’t exist. We’re not talking 5, 10, 20 districts. No, sir. That might be due to human error. But this sure the hell isn’t.

New Mexico Watchdog broke the story on Monday morning–the Obama Administration claimed to create jobs in congressional districts that did not exist. Those reporting errors, however, was not limited to New Mexico. A Watchdog study has found the stimulus has given $6.4 billion to 440 non-existent districts in all 50 states, D.C. and even four American territories. Click the links below to see what a Watchdog reporter has found in your state:

Six and a half billion went to non-existent districts. And they want to run health care.

Oh, it gets worse. You know how they like to pass these gigantic bills without reading them, and you wonder what’s in them? Well you have reason to wonder. How about this atrocity. They’ve made a “wood control” law. Yeah.

Anyone who imports into the United States, or exports out of the United States, illegally harvested plants or products made from illegally harvested plants, including timber, as well as anyone who exports, transports, sells, receives, acquires or purchases such products in the United States, may be prosecuted. In any prosecution under the Lacey Act, the burden of proof of a violation rests on the government.

And the law also includes wood handles on guns, as a means of controlling such guns even more. Read the whole thing.

The politicians have been ripping us off for years and undermining our freedoms at every turn. We are in for the fight of our lives to get our freedom back. Do not let them pass any bill until the Congress is purged of these crooks. Whoever has a hand in any of this madness has to go.

2010 is almost here.

UPDATE: Oh, you thought that “wood control” stupidity would never happen, right? Wrong.

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