It's All Their Fault

Last Friday President Obama went on vacation but before he did he said “Oops, that projected ten year deficit is now $9 trillion dollars, not seven.

That’s the deficit. The national debt is even higher than that. But not by much.

Now, as much as I like pounding on the Obama administration, which is doing a whole lot of bad things and trashing our economy in the process. But, the fact is the problems were started long before Obama and the Democrat congress. The fact is both parties are responsible. Neither could have done it without the other. The votes weren’t there in most Congresses for one party to do it until this congress.

The Democrats supported Bush’s war spending, Republicans supported some of Clinton’s plans. We have all these RINOS who still talk about working with Democrats on the Healthcare mess.

The simple fact is pork and earmarks are a problem that only seems to be getting worse and they are not listening to us anymore.

We need to clean house in 2010. All the spenders and ideologues need to go. We need a fresh start,

Start looking for fresh faces, independents, libertarians, whoever seems sane and willing to listen. It’s time for a purge of the old and the bought and paid for.

Those who survive the purge need to do that with a fear of the voter. They need to know whos boss.

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  1. This of course would shed a little light on why both sides attack Sarah Palin constantly for the crime of speaking plain common sense in plain American English.

    Notably, her record shows that she understands how and why both parties have worked to create all the major messes they claim to know how to fix.

  2. Amen, Hud! Amen!

    First the incumbents and useless idiots in 2010, then Obama in 2012 if people still remember he’s the one that embraced and enabled all the crazies working from within and outside his administration to draft all these authoritarian spending bills.

    The things that have been coming out this week out be popping out more eyeballs.

    I knew we were in for something bad once the jackals from Windy City got into DC.

    The fact that these goons, with their suspect credentials that should never have gotten past security checks, are in power is proof that things are fundamentally broken in DC.

  3. That is why they are trying to go around the FBI on background checks. Some of these advisors have criminal records and are terrorists. And the white house is doing the “background checks” on them. It’s an outrage.

  4. It’s Chicago politics, pure and simple, Hud.

    I know…

    I lived in Windy City for 3 years. I didn’t really hear much about Obama, but boy did I hear about all the wasteful spending and local hatemongers like Jesse Jackson and Calypso Louis Farrakhan. You couldn’t get away from those guys or the billion dollar hole in the ground (at taxpayer expense) courtesy of the Daley Admin!

    3 years of that nonsense was enough.

    I’ve never understood how people could live in a city that corrupt and morally bankrupt. Bunch of hypocrites. They’re beyond cynical..

  5. I used to live in the Народный Социалистический Город-Государство Чикаго back in the 80s. Back then, even I could see the crookedness which was there. As the years passed, the city got grayer and grayer whenever I went there to visit my son.
    And the saddest part: he still lives there with his mother.

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