JFK Disagrees with Today's Democrats

The Democrats are trying to increase the taxes on those who make over 250,00 a year, who they define as rich. Even though many of those people are small business owners and that income is their businesses because of how they incorporated themselves. The press is trying to spin it as Republicans are blocking tax cuts on the middle class. But the fact is the Democrats had two years to vote on extending the Bush tax cuts. They didn’t. Now they are using it as a political game.

Here’s what President John F Kennedy said about tax cuts in a recession. He got it.

The people who think we need to increase taxes to solve the deficit are imbeciles, point blank. If you are spending too much, CUT SPENDING! Don’t rob people’s money.

These charts explain what a mess we’re in and the fault lies at the feet of those politicians (in both parties) who’ve spent us into this crisis. The Democrats want to tax people more at a time when businesses need help hiring workers. Business owners can’t afford to hire if the government keeps stealing their earnings. And the stimulous did exactly what those charts show. Made things worse.

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  2. I agree, Hud, but the fact is that we have a bunch of block-headed people who have been brainwashed by both the media and Democrats for decades…

    We have entire states full of these blockheads including your home state… New York’s been that way for over 50 years now. My state, Ohio, is at least halfway there.

    How do you educate an idiot who doesn’t want to listen? How do you get past the crooks like Rangel (who don’t even PAY taxes or report their properties’ income!) that get a slap on the wrist when somewhat better people get put in jail for less?

    It’s crazy!

    The lunatics are running the asylum and unfortunately they’ve had enough bastard offspring with the Harley Quinns of the world (bleeding heart saps) that I don’t know that you can overcome this. Europe, I think, is still a leading edge indicator of where we’re headed in this country.

    There’s just too many soft-hearted people in this country who DON’T think with their heads.

    I know because I’m related to three of them (Mom + 2 sisters) who voted for you-know-who in the last election.

    Myself and other people tried to warn them but they wouldn’t listen!

  3. I’ve been saying for a decade that (a few lefty ideas aside) JFK would be to the right of half of modern conservatives. And he’d never get the Dem nomination in a million years. This is how effectively the Dems and the media (but I repeat myself) have repositioned the center, over time.

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