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  1. I liked this film quite a bit, too.

    It felt like the first well-scripted OVA in a while from DC minus the political garbage and plot-in-search-of-a-villain boondoggle that hurt JL: The New Frontier.

    It also had better production quality (better-animated) than some of the others, too.

    Mind you, I still like nearly all the lot — except Superman/Doomsday which was doomed to fail because of the bad comics it was freely adapted from. Batman: Under the Red Hood is also being adapted from bad comics but I at least have hopes that the Batman lead (Bruce Greenwood) will do a nice job with the role.

    (The rancor surrounding Batman: Gotham Knight has always disturbed me a bit and I wonder if some of that is Japanaphobia or the misunderstanding about that anthology’s experimental nature? I liked that one better than most people. GL was good, if a bit stale, and Superman/Batman has to be appreciated as a slightly/absurd out-of-continuity piece… then again, that’s the only way you can enjoy half the comics published today!!!)

    The Spectre short was also a pleasant surprise. Can’t wait to see the Jonah Hex short although in my opinion he’s already been covered well in animation… ( ==> episodes of Batman: TAS, Justice League Unlimited, and Batman: B & B have already featured Jonah Hex. To say the character hasn’t been done is to be ignorant of the great exposure and writing already done for Hex.)

    Definitely get the Blu ray version of JL:C2E if you have a BD player. It has all the 2-disc DVD set content plus the live-action pilots films for the failed Aquaman series and the 1970s Lynda Carter Wonder Woman series. The pilot films are NOT in the DVD versions. Definitely worth the $3 upgrade at Best Buy!

  2. Gotta add this in another post since I forgot about it writing the other one!


    Great, great interview with James Woods. The man TOTALLY gets it!

    And here’s my favorite lines of his from the interview —

    “I have always said that one of the greatest faux pas made by the denizens in the film business is that they tend to want to put their own personal points of view – whether they be political, spiritual, religious, whatever – on their stories and promote their own agenda rather than respect what the audience is looking to hear and see. We should get into their wheelhouse and not be ashamed to sell a hero to people who love the idea of good versus evil. You know good versus evil worked great for Sophocles? It worked great for Shakespeare and it certainly works great for Batman and Superman, Wonder Woman and Green Lantern … and Owlman.”

    Now, granted I DON’T agree with idea that comics DON’T talk down to or denigrate their audience — witness the political fallouts and disgruntlement that occurs with DC and Marvel Comics every week(!) because of bad writing and editorial (mis)direction(!) — but at least he gets the acting/storytelling part of it.

    To be honest, I have never heard/seen a James Woods performance for animation that I haven’t liked, either!

    And to show the guy has SOME humility —

    “I would like to do a doofy henchman. I’m always the guy in control. I’m always going to destroy the universe and then I’m gonna go get a sandwich. (he laughs) I’d like to be the guy who says “Hey, I can go and get the sandwich for you while you destroy the universe, and then we can go get some key lime pie.” I’m so tired of being the “A” personality in the villainy department. Give me the goofy henchman. I think that would be fun.”

    (Come to think of it, he might be a good Woozy Winks for Plastic Man…!)

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