Kagan A Dangerous Supreme Pick

The fact that she refuses to answer this, and suggests the courts should not strike down such a law, is scary as hell. And to think there was only one vote that reaffirmed our gun rights yesterday, which shouldn’t have been an issue in the first place. Gun control has racist roots. It was created to rob blacks of the ability to defend themselves. Progressives want everyone to be powerless that way.

Here we have a progressive supreme court nominee who has no problem with banning books, or laws telling you what you can eat. This is extremely disturbing and even moreso that there are people out there who approve of this stuff.

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  1. It's crazy that there's more comments about WW online than there is about the Supreme Court.

    Think about it…

    We just got told by JUST FIVE of the NINE justices that we (law-abiding citizens) have a legal right to defend ourselves with firearms!

    It should have been NINE in an ideal world populated by people with common sense who can read the Constitution.

    This shouldn't be open for interpretation.

    The words are what they are.

    Be very afraid, folks, because a good chunk of these people (judges) and our Congress our deciding what our laws “ought to be” in their minds instead of what's written on paper!

    This happens everyday on many other matters that aren't basic rights outlined in the Bill of Rights.

    Common sense ought to rule instead of “you will do (what) and/or retain the rights that WE say you do!”

    Dangerous stuff, folks…

    And our politicians have never been more willfully arrogant than they are now…

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