Kill the Bill

I agree with Howard Dean, for once. He said they should kill the Senate bill. So does Roland Burris, who is Obama’s replacement in the Senate. He plans to vote against it.

With no public option, the Dems are bailing. So maybe Lieberman did us all a big favor by neutering this beast, even while he said he now supports it. The Democrats still thing they can pass something. I’m hoping they don’t. The last thing we need is this insane clown posse running the medical business. They can’t even do their jobs and they want to run 1/6 of the US economy. The reason we’re in this horrible economy is because of their policies. They have only made things worse, not better.

If the senate bill dies, they will have a hard time getting Obama care passed. Which is why they probably won’t give up. They will try to ram something through on Christmas eve or something. Never have I seen a more out of touch and deaf to the public Congress.

I looked at the calendar on the blog and noticed I haven’t been posting that much lately. Part of it was because I was not feeling too well for a couple weeks. Part of it is because I hate repeating myself, yet I can’t avoid talking about this nonsense. It’s too important. Part of it is just looking at what’s going on and wondering WTF can be done about it. I mean, they are really selling us down the river.

Imagine, if Obama care passes. We will all have a large tax added on to the already extreme taxes we’re paying. And no one will be able to “benefit” from it for three years. And the “benefits” will uncountably be worse than you have now, even if you are uninsured. The pushers of this bill have no idea what they are wishing for. I am talking about the dupes in lefty land who think the Congress can actually deliver something workable.

And then we have the push for climate regulations which will add more costs to our lives, less freedoms. The crooks and cranks in Copenhagen are debating how best to ruin everyone’s economies and increase everyones taxes. And all for an unproved, laughably stupid theory which is constantly finding itself debunked.

But first things first. We need to see Obamacare die. It’s too early to tell if it’s dead yet. But here’s hoping.

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  1. And it has to be killed. Any “compromise” bill would only be a Trojan Horse and we’d have expanded Medicare or a full socialized system within a few years.

  2. At this point it’s looking like it’s dead, despite the last-minute wave of lies and distortions meant to panic the voters. More attacks on the greedy, filthy, murderous insurance companies, etc. It’s amazing how Obama can excoriate the insurance companies for daring to raise rates at the same time he and his flying monkeys are picking our pockets with new taxes and “fees” and gutting our savings and investments with inflation. The utter gall and chutzpah of this Administration never fails to amaze me. If the MSM reported honestly on these guys there would be people with torches and pitchforks outside the Capital and the White House.
    But I won’t believe the Health Bill is dead until I see maggots crawling from the corpse. And then we wait for its zombie to arise next year. The Democrats have chosen this hill to die on because it will mainstream socialism in America, and if they have to lose dozens and dozens of seats in the 2010 elections, they’re willing to do it. Representative democracy is dead.

  3. They’ve even threatened Ben Nelson with closing the former SAC base in his state if he doesn’t allow the abortion thing in there. They really are as bad as the tyrants we fought a revolution over. They don’t care what the people want.

  4. Well, they’ve successful bribed Landrieu. Why not give extortion a try?
    What’s next? Hiring Guido and Flaco to do a drive-by?

  5. And now Harry Reid is planning to call for a vote on Christmas eve, JUST AS I PREDICTED ABOVE. I am telling you, they are so predictable, and freaking sickening in their blatant larceny. Reid needs to get voted out of office with extreme prejudice.

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